Products in stock are generally shipped within 3 to 7working days,and products without stock are generallywithin 15 working days. The details need to be furtherconfirmed with us rated power, installationspace.other special requirements)

About delivery
About Logistics

1. The logistics fee is generally charged according to theactual situation, and more refunds and less compensation.The actual plan can be discussed with us.2. You can use the logistics company provided by the customeror use our logistics, and you can discuss with us for details.

About product confirmation

1. Accessories: Provide product part number or engine is best to provide both at the same time, and it isbest to have a product detail picture with a separate part number

2. If the part number and engine nameplate cannot be provided,detailed parameters of the product (appearance size, installationsize, key parameters, etc.) need to be provided

3.Enqine replacement needs to provide nameplate information;new construction needs to provide application scenarios andspecific requirements (standby power or rated power, installationspace.other special requirements)

About after-sales

1. The shelf life of the product is generally half a year to oneyear, and there will be differences depending on the category.For details,please consult us.2.Provide online after-sales and accessories service.3.If the problem is caused by product quality and salesmistakes, return and exchange services can be provided.4. For other situations, please consult us. Our aim is to createvalue for customers, solve problems and save costs.

Factors such as exchange rate fluctuations, freight adjustments,and supplier product price fluctuations will affect the finaltransaction price. Therefore, our quotation is generally within 15days. If it exceeds the time limit, it generally needs to fluctuateagain according to the actual situation.

About payment terms

Accept a variety of payment methods, please consult us for details.

About the packagingIn

In general, only neutral packaging is provided. If you have specialcustomization needs, please confirm with us in detail.

About quotation time limit